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The Origin of the Thatcher Revolution (2MB)
The failure of Fodens Limited in the European Common Market (4MB)
Labour Metrication Policy 1965 - 1975 (2MB)
The French Connexion - between English and French Map Surveys 1784-87
MK - Languages Master (1.2MB)
Whitworth to SI Metric thread conversion in German industry in 1937 (3.8MB)
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The Pro-Metric Gripe


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Applications Handbook for WLMS Wide-Face Gears: Nick Rudoe and Michael Knowles
International Metric Screw Threads: An Academic Presentation by Michael T. Knowles, BSc, AMCST MFSB. (Self published, 1996)
Leyland vehicles metrication (1997) ISBN: B0000CP7DG
Three perverted cases (1997) ISBN: B0000CP7DJ
Inch/metric thread conversion (1997) ISBN: B0000CP7DH
The Scammell Crusader & North gearbox (2002)  ISBN: B0000CPM4H
Industrial metrication: A press letter to the Prime Minister (1996) ISBN: B0000CP7DT
What UK economists omitted from 1976 to 1998: The key to UK industrial decline after accession (1998) ISBN: B0000CPM4A
Offene Doppeldecker auf dem Festland (1997) ISBN: B0000CPM4E
Meccano gearboxes (1999 ) ISBN: B0000COVC4
Meccano gearboxes (1999) ISBN: 095302234X
The Foden/Rolls-Royce quiet heavy vehicle: Report to HM government  (1999) ISBN: B0000CPM4K
The heyday of Scammell (2002) ISBN: B0000CPM61
The congress of Zurich: 2nd-5th October 1898: the agreement of a common standard for threaded fasteners and components among all the industrial nations of mainland Europe; inspired by the railway industry, and the origin of the ISO international metric threads; a unique exhibition of historical documents with talks and demonstrations (2002)
Metrication and Engineering A paper concerning the Royal Commission on Metrication in Engineering (2012)
L'avenir perdu de la société Moteur Cérés à Bar-sur-Aube (2001) ISBN: B0000CPM64
Economic effects of abandonment of industrial metrication in the UK (2001) ISBN: B0000CPM66
Letter to Bath Chronicle, 26th January 1999: Metric delay costs us dear