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MK Marketing (Bath) is a world-class consultancy, active in Europe since the International Motor Show in Brussels at UK Accession to the EEC in January 1973. Use of the Council of Europe device signifies activity based in the EU and its antecedents.


MK Marketing© is a business name synonymous with Michael T Knowles B Sc, of 7 Sydney Place, GB-Bath, being the ultimate proprietor of a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge as intellectual property.


That intellectual property counts as possessions under Article No 1 of the Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights of  04 November 1950


The fundamental experience of MK Marketing was acquired with the Leyland Group of factories and with Air Products Ltd, operators of industrial gas distribution vehicles, from September 1966 to October 1969.


It was consolidated and expanded in the corporate management matrix of the nascent British Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd at Berkeley Square House, London W1, from 01 December 1969 and at Bowater House, Knightsbridge, London SW7, from 01 October 1971 to 30 April 1972.


MK Marketing is a commercial operation which charges fees plus expenses for all its products and services.

Michael T Knowles B Sc, MK Research & Marketing, First Floor Suite 3, 7 Sydney Place, BATH BA2 6NF, email: info@mk-marketing.eu